IDT’s internationally acclaimed CIO, Golan Ben-Oni, has looked the cyber monster in the eye and is now alerting us to its potential danger. 

WannaCry was minor-league compared to Petya and these both will pale in comparison to the next big cyber attack that may already be on its way.  In 22 years of dealing with hackers, Ben-Oni has never seen anything like the attack he's seen during last April, as he described it in a latest interview to the New York Times. Ben-Oni is sounding alarm bells, calling anyone who will listen at the White House, the FBI and the top cybersecurity companies to warn them about an attack that is still under the radar of most organizations.

golan.pngGolan Ben-Oni, IDT's CIO, will share the story of how last April's attack almost evaded IDT’s arsenal of defenses, explain why many organizations may be compromised but still do not know it and recommend the steps organizations should take.

Gil.jpgGil Barak, CTO of Secdo, will demonstrate Secdo’s unique
visibility that enabled IDT to investigate this thread-injection



  • How the new threat was able to compromise organizations worldwide unnoticed.
  • Why continuous endpoint visibility is vital to prepare for new types of attacks.
  • How Secdo delivers thread-level endpoint visibility to investigate and the tools to respond to new threats.


About Secdo

Secdo is an automated EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) solution, automating the IR process and slashing incident response time to seconds. Gain unmatched historical thread-level endpoint visibility, automatically investigate any alert and visualize the forensic timeline and attack chain back to the root cause. Then, rapidly and surgically respond and remediate on any endpoint or server without impacting business productivity.